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Favorite Clubs in Cabo!

Cabo has so many amazing things to do – including day & night clubs! I’ve been going to Cabo since 2007 and have gathered many go-to spots to check out over the years. Cabo is super safe, so I encourage you to explore if you have a trip planned there, even if you go to an all-inclusive resort, it is worth getting off property for a bit!

If you are looking for day clubs, we highly recommend OMNIA. It is in San Jose del Cabo, so about a 30-minute drive from downtown Cabo San Lucas. OMNIA is located at Vidanta and is relatively new. It is a beautiful resort and the club is upscale (expensive for Cabo) but so much fun. They have comfortable cabanas and amazing DJs (DJ Flight who is a resident DJ is our favorite!) The pool is great & there are views of the ocean from the club. The servers are very professional and the food was amazing, too. We’ve only been to OMNIA once during our honeymoon, but we can’t wait to go back.

For a much different daytime experience, Mango Deck is worth checking out. The bar is located on Medano Beach and can get pretty crazy. Drinks are reasonably priced, especially if you are getting drinks that count for 2x1. There is always some sort of contest going on which makes for some live entertainment. Some contests are more scandalous than others, but what happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo, right?!

In terms of nightlife, there are a lot of good clubs in downtown Cabo San Lucas. Squid Roe has been there forever and will always be our favorite. We got bottle service for our joint bachelor/bachelorette party and it was amazing! The club is huge and always upbeat. You can literally go at anytime and you will have fun. They have good food, too! The servers are great, the MC has been there forever, they have good music (pop/Latino), and people dancing (on the floor or on tables – literally anything goes there). It is also 3 stories tall with different bars on each floor – so it is easy to get a drink! Squid Roe is such an iconic place in Cabo, so if you only go to one of these recommendations, this is the one to go to.

A newer club across the street from Squid Roe is Crush. It is one of the smaller clubs but we really like the vibe. It is partially outdoors, and they have a little patio on the roof. The DJ is always great and they play rap music.

We always end up at Squid Roe & Crush, but it is also fun to grab a drink at other clubs like Mandala, La Vaquita, or Pink Kitty, since all of these clubs are on the same block. The only time we’ve had to pay cover to get into a club was on New Year’s Eve! If you are not into clubs but like to bar hop, some other classics worth checking out are Cabo Wabo & Giggling Marlin.

We have another trip coming up to Cabo this summer and have some new places to check out, so stay tuned for more recommendations!

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