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Miss To Mrs - Name Change Tips!

Congrats on your marriage! We hope your wedding day was the best day ever! Now that you're married, it's time to go from Miss to Mrs and Rich & Kitch are here to share name change tips!

Changing your last name is not the most glamorous part about getting married, but it is traditional for the bride to change her last name once married. It was important to Richie for me to change my name, and even though leaving behind Kitchen as my last name was a sad... I decided to move it to my middle name, so now I get to go by 3 names/initials :)

Getting married comes with getting a new last name & going from Miss to Mrs. Read Rich & Kitch's name change tips here! Leaving your maiden name behind like... | photo by Anna Gomes

There are a lot of steps that go into changing your name, so here is an overview of the order I followed to change my name after getting married:

  • Update your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) & your email signature! This is the only fun one & it should be the easiest to change! You shouldn’t need any proof of your new name to do this, unless you have a last name like Was that Facebook doesn’t believe is a real name haha. If that is the case, wait to change your Facebook name until you have a new ID with your new name, because you will need to send them proof.

  • Pick up a few copies of your marriage certificate at the courthouse.

  • Go to the social security office to get a new card.

  • Get a new passport. I did this step before my driver’s license since I booked a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in my new name. If you are going on a honeymoon right after or shortly after you get married, I suggest booking the trip in your maiden name, since changing your name takes a while!

  • Get a new driver’s license. This can be done before you get a new passport, but make sure you bring your passport to the BMV to get the new compliant license.

  • Start changing everything else. Once you've picked up your marriage certificate, have gone to the social security office, & received a new government issued photo ID (passport or driver's license), start changing things like: financial accounts, notify your employer & change your health accounts, travel accounts, voter registration, insurance companies, landlord/mortgage company, post office, utility companies, subscription services, etc... it feels like the list never ends, but it will eventually!

If you are interested in my elaborate tips for changing your name, continue reading or bookmark this post for later!

Getting married comes with getting a new last name & going from Miss to Mrs. Read Rich & Kitch's name change tips here!


  • Go to the same courthouse in the county where you got your marriage license & pick up 2 certified copies of your marriage certificate a few weeks after you are married. (In Ohio, the marriage certificates are $2 a copy). It is recommended to get at least 2 certified copies for times when you have to mail in a copy of your marriage certificate (like when you are getting a passport).

  • Since you & your husband both don’t need to be there like you do to get your marriage license (at least in Ohio), I asked Richie to pick up our certificates since I had to do all the other name change things on my own haha. Marriage is all about teamwork!

Getting married comes with getting a new last name & going from Miss to Mrs. Read Rich & Kitch's name change tips here!


  • You need to start at the social security office before you can change your name on anything else. There is a form to fill out and you’ll need to bring your certified marriage certificate and a current government issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport). Here is a link to their site. They mail you a new SS card in about 2 weeks, but the change goes into effect in a government system in about 2 days.

  • Updating your social security card also counts as notifying the IRS for tax filing purposes, but if you are moving & changing addresses, you will need to send form 8822 to the IRS for that.

Getting married comes with getting a new last name & going from Miss to Mrs. Read Rich & Kitch's name change tips here!


  • The next thing I changed was my passport. I booked a flight to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in my new name, so I knew I needed a new passport to match before our trip. I filled out the form, took & printed a 2x2 picture on my own, then mailed it in with my old passport & marriage certificate. My passport was over 1 year old unfortunately, so I also had to mail the $110 check for the new passport. Here is a link to what you need.

  • My passport took about 6 weeks to get here, so keep that in mind, unless you want to pay extra to expedite it.


  • Once I got my new passport, I started updating banking information. I had to go to my bank, and the banker changed my name on my checking account, then ordered me a new debit & credit card I had with them.

  • To change my name on my other credit cards, I called the phone number on the back of the card, told them about my name change, and they mailed me new credit cards within a few weeks.

  • For my investment accounts, I had to securely upload the proof of name change documents they requested.

  • Don’t forget to change your name on accounts like Venmo & Paypal, too! Venmo lets you update your name on their site, and PayPal requests documentation.


  • This was surprisingly one of the easier things to change! I told our HR department, updated my name in our payroll system, and our payroll company contacted my insurance providers & 401k company about my updated name! Once that was done, I was able to download health/dental/vision cards with my new name on them.

  • When you go into the doctor or dentist next, make sure you tell them about your new name & have your ID and new insurance card with you.

  • I also fill my prescriptions at Walgreens, so I emailed them about updating my name. I had prescriptions written in my old name, but they were able to link the accounts, so I was still able to fill them.

Getting married comes with getting a new last name & going from Miss to Mrs. Read Rich & Kitch's name change tips here!


  • Once I received my new passport, I started updating my frequent flyer programs. I did all of these online (Delta, American, Southwest, etc.), and they requested that you upload your old photo ID, new photo ID, & marriage certificate. Make sure you contact all the airlines you fly on so you don’t lose your miles!

  • If you have TSA precheck, you can also send them an email at and attach your new photo ID in your new name (passport or driver’s license) and your marriage certificate.

  • Include the following info in your email to TSA: Previous Name, New Name, KTN #, TSA precheck Expiration date, & Reference # (number she gave me when I called about changing my name)

  • When I called to get this information, she told me it took 45 days to update. I didn’t get a confirmation email when I emailed my documents, but I did get confirmation that my new name was updated 45 days later!


  • Since I wanted to make sure I had my passport in time for my next international trip, I started there, but you could also start with changing your driver’s license if you aren’t in a rush to travel abroad. However, make sure you bring your passport with you to the BMV so you can get the new compliant license. Also bring your certified copy of your marriage certificate, current ID, & copies of proof of residence, like utility bills with your address on it.

  • For a new driver’s license in Ohio, they give you a temporary piece of paper ID, and mail your new driver’s license in a week or 2.


Here is everything else I can think of to change, in no particular order!

  • If you are owning or leasing a car, you do not need to change the title on your current vehicle in Ohio, just make sure to use your new name on your next vehicle.

  • Voter registration

  • Insurance companies (car, homeowners/renters, life)

  • Landlord or mortgage company

  • Post office

  • Utility companies (electric, phone, cable, internet, gas, water, etc.)

  • Subscription services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)

  • Email address if you decide to make a new one


& if you needed more things to are a few more to think about from other name change checklists I’ve found in case they are applicable to you!

  • Schools

  • Veterinarian’s office if you have a pet

  • Magazine subscriptions

  • Shopper loyalty programs

  • Government assistance programs

  • Veteran Affairs Department

  • Will

  • Power of Attorney

Getting married comes with getting a new last name & going from Miss to Mrs. Read Rich & Kitch's name change tips here!

I hope these tips help you when it is time to change your name or if you are currently in the process of changing your last name! And if you are looking for more wedding planning inspiration, check out other posts on the kitchensinkit wedding blog! & sign up for Rich & Kitch's Wedding Wednesday emails below!

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