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Salt-Free Taco Seasoning Recipe

Have you ever made your own taco seasoning? Ever since I started, I don't see myself buying prepackaged taco seasoning at the store ever again! My salt-free taco seasoning recipe is flavorful & delicious. I hope you enjoy it on your Mexican meals as much as we do! The kitchensinkit recipe calls for standard seasonings you should have in your pantry, but in case you are running low on one, the links below will take you to Amazon to replenish your seasonings!


salt free taco seasoning taco seasoning kitchensinkit recipe

Mix all of the above ingredients together in a tupperware and use 1-2 tablespoons of this salt-free taco seasoning in your recipes as needed! I love using this to make ground meat tacos or adding it to a slow cooker recipe like my chicken salsa verde crockpot linked here! And sticking with the Mexican themed recipes, be sure you check out our spicy margarita recipes here or our strawberry habanero margarita recipe here!

If you are looking for other healthy kitchensinkit recipes to add to your meal plan, click this link. Don't forget to tag me on Instagram @ kitchensinkit or use #kitchensinkit when you try my salt-free taco seasoning recipe in place of store-bought taco seasoning!

Salt-Free Taco Seasoning Recipe kitchensinkit

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