Cabo & Villa del Arco!

If you couldn’t tell from my Instagram or website, we love Cabo! It is such a special place to us, and not only because we got married there. The first time I went to Cabo with my parents was for one of my mom’s work trips. The three of us went a few days early & booked our stay at Villa del Arco, and decided to become timeshare owners! We have never stayed at another resort other than Villa del Arco/Villa del Palmar in Cabo because of that, but we highly recommend these resorts to anyone, especially Villa del Arco. The staff is always professional, kind, and helpful, and we’ve really gotten to know them over the years, so going to Cabo & Villa del Arco has become my second home.

Views from the hotel are simply amazing.

Taking pictures on the balcony is a must.

Getting up to see the sunrise every morning is always worth it!

One of our favorite things to do in Cabo is relax by the pool since the weather is perfecto. The resort has the best pool food & super comfortable cabanas.

Villa del Arco also has amazing restaurants on property, like Neptune. The sea bass does not disappoint.

Our most recent trip to Cabo was for New Year's Eve. Cabo is known for NYE fireworks on Medano beach, and they were amazing!!

Since it was still the holiday season, Villa del Arco had lots of festive decorations. And if you know us, we love going to the gym, and theirs is so clean & has everything you need to get a great workout in!

While we always stay at the same place, we have visited many other resorts around Cabo, and they are all beautiful. We love Cabo because the weather is so consistent throughout the year – mid 70s in the winter/spring and mid 80s in the summer/fall. It rarely rains since it is a desert, and their rainy month is September since that is the most popular time for hurricanes. Cabo is also the safest place in Mexico. It is located on the tip of the Baja California Sur, and the town thrives on tourism. A lot of people also retire there, so there is a large community of Americans & Canadians. The resorts & beaches are beautiful, and if you venture off property like we do, they have grocery stores like Costco & Walmart! Cabo also has so many amazing restaurants & more to come on those next time. We think Cabo is literally the perfect place to vacation!

If you're thinking about planning a trip to Cabo, send me a message!

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