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Washington DC Weekend Getaway!

Summer is usually the season to travel, right?! I’m sure many of us had big plans before the coronavirus hit, but because of COVID-19, those plans had to change. This was the case for us, so we decided to take a weekend getaway to Washington DC! My best friend & her boyfriend are travel nurses & their current contract is in DC. It’s a six-hour drive from Cleveland (which is about the max amount of time I can spend in a car lol) so we decided to take a road trip to visit them for the long weekend!

Our first time visiting them was in LA before COVID hit, and you can read about the awesome time we had here! Traveling to DC in the “new normal” we live in was interesting, but definitely worth it!

My friend’s apartment was in Georgetown which is such a cute town! Richie & I took their puppy Kane on daily morning walks to the Georgetown Waterfront which has such a nice view! I’m also all about hitting my daily step goal of 15,000 steps a day, so I love walking, especially on vacation when you are eating & drinking more than usual!

Also, how cute is Target's athleisure?! These shorts are my favorite, this bra top is amazing, & here are my sneakers!

Exploring was on the agenda for our first full day in DC! My grandpa is buried in Arlington, so delivering flowers to him was our first stop. The cemetery is such a remarkable place, and is worth the visit once it opens back up to the public.

Then we walked around all the famous landmarks which is a must! A bonus of traveling during COVID – there are hardly any people around! It did rain the day we went sightseeing, but usually there would be so many people regardless! This was not the case, which was an added bonus since hardly any people ended up in our pictures!

Here are my outfit details! Top from SheIn, shorts from Target, shoes from Target, & sunglasses are Ray-ban. The flats are super comfortable for walking!

It was nice being able to stay at my friend’s apartment so we could make dinner & drinks for National Martini Day! You can check out my go-to martini recipe here. Also, staying in helped save some money on food & alcohol, which is always important! So if you are going to travel during COVID, visiting family/friends, or renting an Airbnb is a great option!

Our next full day in DC started off with kayaking The Potomac River! I highly recommend doing this – it was a ton of fun! Kayaking is also a great workout!

On the agenda for the evening was to check out a rooftop since no restaurants were open inside yet. We also wanted to see The Wharf & we found an amazing place. It’s called Canopy Central Cafe & Bar and the rooftop is on top of the Hilton hotel. This was my first time dining out for 3 months because of quarantine & what an amazing choice! The cocktails were literally the best, most refreshing drinks I’ve ever had, the views were amazing, and the food was good, too! Highly recommend the lobster rolls & any drink on the menu. If you are ever in DC, this rooftop is a must, & request Sunny as your server/bartender - she will not disappoint!

My romper is from Express & shoes are from Target! This was my first time wearing these wedges & my feet did not hurt at all - what a bonus!

On Sunday we did a little more exploring of Georgetown and the Navy yard, and dinner plans included the ultimate DC experience – eating blue crab at The Quarter Deck! I forgot how much work it takes to eat blue crab, but the boys really enjoyed themselves! I don't think I'd do the blue crab experience again, but their crab cakes were the best I've ever had.

I think we checked everything off of the DC bucket list during the 3 full days we were there & I'm so happy we decided to make the trip. This was not the summer vacation we had planned, (we had to cancel our trip to Cabo), but I forgot how nice it is to travel!

If you are hesitant on traveling this summer, I highly recommend at least taking a road trip to explore somewhere new. Just make sure to find some fun outdoor activities & outdoor restaurants so it is easy to social distance! A road trip also has benefits like being around less people & being able to pack your own snacks, so there is less risk of coming into contact with someone who might have COVID. But if you are still hesitant to travel, keep waiting things out until you are comfortable!

Here's to hoping we will all be able to travel somewhat normally again soon!

Rich & Kitch travel kitchensinkit

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